Saturday, October 3, 2009

mjf art magazine

Here you can buy Mario Faustino's Art Paintings and Photographies, or articles such as post cards, prints, cloths, mouse pads, baby cloths, watches coffee cups, etc... just click the images to see the articles

watch at b-uncut store more high quality items

paintings at artring

mjf artwork at artring . click next > x 8

or more paintings at fine art america

mjf paintings in fine art america . click next > 5x
or at saatchi gallery london
a mascara do homem generico

other places in the internet where you can find Mario Faustino


Leo Lobos said...

Mis saludos estimado y querido amigo, un abrazo afectuoso y fraterno desde Santiago de Chile,

Leo Lobos

Caio Fernandes said...

it is nice to meet you austino .

Ursula said...


me gustó tu lugar y tu creatividad!!!

hermosos días!!